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What is Aero Instagram APK, Full Guide

What is Aero Instagram APK, Full Guide

Aero instagram apk  is a free social networking app that offers extra features not found in the official Instagram version.

What is Aero Instagram APK

Aero Instagram APK is a cutting-edge program that adds unique elements to your Instagram experience. It lets you personalize your profile with various styles, layouts, and topics and includes extensive picture and video editing features. You may save Instagram photographs and videos, bookmark your favorite material for future inspiration, and explore full-size profile pictures and stories. Aero Instagram APK allows you to up your Instagram game and unleash your creative potential, letting you connect with material you enjoy while standing out from the crowd.

How to Download Aero Instagram APK

Package 1: You must remove the Original Insta app from your device to install this package.

Package 2: You can install This package without removing the Original Insta app from your device.

Choose your preferred color for your InstaAero masterpiece, compatible with any color, dark or light mod.

  • Dark-Light
  • Gold
  • Red
  • Extra Dark
  • Blue
  • Coral Pink
  • Green
  • Light Tone
  • Light Purple
  • Light Pink

Additional colour choices will be available soon.

Download Method

  • Download the “Device Info HW” app from the Google Play Store.
  • In the “SOC” tab, look for the “ABI” line. The ABI version you are using must be arm64-v8a.
  • To install AeroInsta on your Android device, ensure it supports the arm64-v8a architecture and has a minimum Android version of 9, 10, 11, 12, or 13.
  • AeroInsta-compatible if your device satisfies the requirements above.
  • Then click the link to download AeroInsta or earlier versions of AeroInsta!

Aero Instagram APK Features

  • The Insta app offers various features to enhance user experience.
  • These include the ability to download all stories, videos, and posts with one click and privacy settings to hide viewing, viewing, and reading of content.
  • Users can also track if a user follows them by visiting their profile.
  • They can hide Ads in stories and feeds and turn off analytics to prevent Insta from collecting data about their account.
  • Full-quality photos can be prevented from being compressed.
  • Swipe to navigate can be turned on or off, and links can be set to open through browsers installed on your device.
  • Sound can automatically start, and stories can be auto-skipped without touching the screen.
  • You can remove black borders and can share stories without cropping.
  • Users can also zoom in and out of posts using finger gestures.
  • Users can download Posts with a triple tap, turning likes on or off by double tapping.
  • The app also features the ability always to show the first media for posts with multiple media.
  • Video autoplay can be turned on or off, and liked posts can be hidden.
  • Download everything. The capability to download all reel videos, stories, IGTV videos, and all posts with one click.
  • This feature allows users to hide viewing, live streaming, typing, and reading messages, check if a user follows them by visiting their profile, and hide all regular and shopping ads in stories and feeds.

What are the Developer Settings On Aero Instar

To access developer settings on Aero Insta, hold the “Home” icon at the bottom left of your home screen and click the “Modify Quick Experiments Settings” option.

Developer options are a private panel in the AeroInsta app that allows users to customize the Instagram app’s functionality and settings. However, owing to experimental features, some choices may cause app crashes on some devices. AeroInsta is not liable for app crashes caused by these choices, which should use at the user’s discretion. The panel is open to all users, not only Instagram engineers.

What is Instagram

Instagram, the fourth most popular social network globally, has a history dating back to its acquisition by Facebook. Its main features include filters, chronological feed, and square photos. Instagram has evolved with successful features like Stories and Reels, adapted from rival platforms Snapchat and TikTok. However, it was discontinued in 2021. Instagram is a Meta social network that allows users to share photos(images) and videos with others, including followers. Instagram is a mixture of “instant camera, telegram,” referring to instant photo capturing and sharing. The first name was “Burbn,” derived from the American whiskey bourbon enjoyed by the platform’s creativity researcher, Keith Sawyer.

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