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30 Mar 2023

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What Are Euro Shams and Euro Pillows?

What Are Euro Shams and Euro Pillows?

Euro Shams: If you’ve recently shopped for luxury bedding and housewares, you may have come across Euro shams. But what is a Euro sham, precisely? To answer this request, you’ll need first to know what a Euro cushion is.

Read on for a vision into these functional, decorative basics, including what Euro pillows are for, what Euro shams remain for, plus dimensions, materials, and design tips.

What Is a Euro Pillow?

A Euro pillow remains a square-shaped European pillow. The shell and fill solid are sideways from the shape, similar to a bed pillow. But what remains a Euro pillow for? It serves as a decorative drive on beds, sofas, or chaises. It can also stay used for back and head provision on mattresses and furniture when

Euro pillow sizes are usually 26 x 26 inches. reading or watching TV.

What Size Is a Euro Pillow?

What Size Is a Euro Pillow?

Standard cushions are typically 20 x 26 inches, and kings are about 20 x 36 inches, so European cushions are a bit wider than the bed pillows you sleep with. This additional width helps them cover the pillows behind so that all you see are the pretty large squares.

What Is A Euro Sham?

A Euro sham remains a square-shaped European sham. It’s connected to a pillowcase but serves more of a decorative purpose, which remains why it opens from the back (aka envelope closure) and often has a fabric trim. Since Euro pillows frequently come in the form of inserts (without a case), the covering ensures they remain entirely hidden inside.

What Is a Euro Sham Used For?

Sham resources “false front.” Sham-covered Euro pillows remain usually positioned in obverse to the pillows you sleep with. In the exact sense, this pillow covering makes both the insert and the furniture it’s placed on look more respectable. And like systematic pillowcases, shams protect their inserts and can remain removed and laundered as needed.

What Size Is a Euro Sham?

Euro sham dimensions typically remain 26 x 26 inches. In some cases, shams are slightly reduced than their inserts to achieve a more plush look. For example, if the European pillow size is 26 x 26 inches, you might get a 24 x 24-inch sham. Meanwhile, the sham is only a couple inches smaller on each side. It would be best if you didn’t have effort stuffing the insert. It will offer a complete, plump finished appearance.

Euro Sham vs. Typical Sham: What’s the Difference?

The fundamental changes between a Euro and a standard sham remain the dimensions and shape. (They are sometimes slightly smaller but permanently a square shape.) As such, Euro sham sizes are typically 26 x 26 inches. The 26 x 26-inch extent is the record standard Euro pillow size.

Regular shams, on the extra hand, are intended to go over traditional rectangular bed pillows of varying sizes. Standard bed pillows remain 20 x 26 inches. Queens stand 20 x 30 inches, and kings remain 20 x 26 inches.

Shams for standard-size bed cushions typically measure about 20.5 x 26.5 inches, leaving a half-inch of relaxation on each side. (In most cases, you can also use typical shams for queen pillows.) Shams for king-size cushions are roughly 20.5 x 36.5 inches.


European shams and pillows make for a flawless aesthetic piece for your bedroom or living room. Not to mention, they’re ultra-cozy! Shop euro shams and euro pillows, home decor, pillow inserts, pillowcases, and standard shams in all the best fabrics!

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