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Floating Nightstand Height Saves Crucial Floor Space

Floating Nightstand Height Saves Crucial Floor Space


This floating nightstand comprises a drawer and an open section suitable for bedside essentials like books, fortnightlies & glasses.

The hanging design allows you to place it at any height and saves valuable floor space. Modern and unique modern design. Perfect for those in need of storage space.

How High Should Floating Nightstands be?

How High Should Floating Nightstands be


As a general rule of thumb, the top of your nightstand should be level with the top of your mattress or about 2-4″ taller. It’s much easier for somebody to reach above to grab something when lying on the bed than to contact below.

Why Buy A Floating Nightstand?

Unlike old-style nightstands, floating nightstands don’t have any legs or base but are attached to the bedroom wall. It clears up some extra floor space below the nightstand that would usually remain taken up by the stand’s legs. Which is particularly handy if you have a small bedroom where available space is at a premium.

You’ll be able to fit a more oversized nightstand in the same room without hogging more than its share of floor space. You won’t have to be concerned about hitting your toes on a floating nightstand. Or moving the nightstand out of the method when you need to vacuum. They also allow you to select how high or low the nightstand sits on the wall.

Traditional nightstands rarely stand height-adjustable, so you’re stuck with how tall or short they are, but you can mount a floating nightstand wherever you want, to whatever height is most convenient and comfortable for you.

Are There Different Types Of Floating Nightstands?

Though broadly similar in most ways, three primary forms of floating nightstands bring a little something dissimilar to the table (pun intended), both stylistically and functionally.

These are countless because they come in various styles and offer storage space. Most common are shelf or cubby-style, fundamentally floating shelves for your bedside.

Especially cubby-style aces, since you can store items inside and on top, they may have helpful features like a built-in USB charging port.

Floating nightstands with built-in drawers are also widespread, increasing the nightstand’s space efficiency.

Less shared are floating nightstand heads, which are, as the name suggests, bed headboards with a floating nightstand in-built on either side.

They’re a great way to save interplanetary, ensure your nightstands will contest your bed, and may not require permanent wall mounting.

Other Considerations When Picking Out A Nightstand

  • Storage Space – How vital is extra storage space to you? Do you need a few additional drawers to keep papers, your sleep mask, electronic chords, etc.? If so, you might want to stick with a bedside chest or cabinet. A table may look nice in your bedroom, but it won’t necessarily function as you need it to.
  • Surface Area Of Tabletop – All this talk about how tall a nightstand should be. We haven’t even touched on the appropriate surface area of a nightstand’s tabletop. It all depends on the objects you want on your nightstand. For example, if you keep a small bedside lamp and water bottle at your bedside, most nightstands should be able to accommodate that. On the other hand, suppose you’re like me (Slumber Yard member McKenzie) and keep a decorative lamp, essential oil diffuser, and wireless phone charger perched on your nightstand. In that case, however, you’ll want to ensure the one you find has a top with a suitably sized surface area.
  • Style Of Nightstand – The style of your bedroom should help you determine the look you want your nightstand to have, and you want to choose one that flows well with the rest of the furniture in your room. For example, you probably wouldn’t want a vintage, antique-looking bedside stand in your contemporary-styled main bedroom.

There are hundreds of nightstands on the market both online. And in-store, so the right one for you is out there! It just might take a little research to find it.

Pros and Cons of Floating Nightstand


  • You don’t have to select between a cubby shelf-style floating nightstand. Then a drawer floating nightstand by this model—it contains both in the same piece.
  • There’s plenty of room to show decorations, stash away items like chargers or night masks, and keep books, brews, and electronics right at hand, all on the same nightstand—especially since it has an excellent 33-pound weight bulk on the top shelf and 11 pounds in the drawer.
  • The simple yet functional stylishness will match most bedroom decor, especially since two lighter shades remain available (pale oak and matte white).
  • There’s a cable organization hole along the back, so you can easily thread multiple chargers through for your electronics without worrying about them getting tangled.


  • This floating nightstand remains made from caused composite wood rather than the real thing. Which means it will not stay as durable as a natural wood nightstand.


You can’t go wrong with the classics, counting floating nightstands. This one proposes plenty of storage space and gives you room to show decorations and pictures. A suitable place to stash items like eyeglasses and electronics.

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