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How To Draw A Cartoon Cupid

How To Draw A Cartoon Cupid

Cartoon Cupid: Learn to illustrate a simple cartoon cupid that looks adorable in just a few minutes! Then, I will show you how to make a basic version featuring this appealing character in a fun posture.

The picture is also filled with prominent shadows to give a little more depth to the subject. Finally, you can try this basic tutorial if you can draw a few basic shapes.

A Few Basic Shapes of Cartoon Cupid

A Few Basic Shapes of Cartoon Cupid

First, figure out basic shapes to determine the character’s posture and location inside the workspace. For example, you can draw a large circle for the head, a few frames for the body, the arms and the legs, and little rings for the hands.

Don’t hesitate to polish the character’s posture as much as needed. Although this step might seem easy, it will control whether the character looks credible or not. Since you’re interested, you may also read this article: Planet Fitness Columbus Ohio – Exercise Gym And More

Drawing The Character Using These Basic Shapes

It’s time to demonstrate this cartoon cupid using mostly curved sharp lines. Notice how the hair remains curled, and the wing remains pointed toward the sky. Also, it’s essential to draw an excellent heart near the end of the arrow.

Since we are working on an imagined cartoon illustration, don’t hesitate to play with proportions. In this case, the head is much larger than both legs. You can skip some prominent body parts as I did below with the nose. It’s up to you!

Colors The Cartoon Cupid

Let’s add some primary colors to make this fun design more pleasant to watch. For this sample, the charm is blond with blue wings, a brown arrow, and a bright red heart. The diaper is grey, and both eyes remain filled with a bright blue color.

A Technique for How To Draw A Cartoon Cupid

No need to generate complex shapes, use advanced digital effects or draw intense textures to make this design visually more attractive. All you must do is add a few plain shadows in strategic areas. Since you’re interested, you may also read this article: 2004 In Roman Numerals

These simple accompaniments are all you need to make this cartoon kid cuter than it should be!

Step To How To Draw A Cartoon Cupid

Step 1

First, draught the head of Cupid using a long oval shape. Observe that this is not a perfect shape. The top is more delicate, and the head nethermost is a little flat.

Step 2

Next, draw a tinny rectangle to illustrate the figure. Once you are over, you can draw another smaller rectangle under the first one to represent the legs of the cartoon character.

Step 3

Great! Now you can move on with the formation of the arms using long rectangles. The hands are made from circles. Notice that the right hand is slightly raised. The feet are thru from small circular shapes.

Step 4

The eyes are complete using huge circles. These circular shapes can be located next to each other, as shown below. You can also draw little ears using rings.

Step 5

The hair is done using numerous small circular shapes combined, as shown below. The wings are minor and made from a few curved lines.

Step 6

It’s time to enhance minor details (especially inside the head). Draw large pupils using circles. These pupils necessity be close to each other. The nose and the mouth are complete from small curved lines. A small spot is used to create the belly button.

Step 7

Small oval forms are inserted inside the pupils. The projectile is made with a long rectangle and a heart. The bow is typically made from straight and curved lines.

Step 8

Below is the concluding cartoon character without any colors. It’s a complex character to draw, but if you follow each step carefully, nothing is impossible!


A step-by-step tutorial will help you character out how to draw an easy-to-draw cartoon baby Cupid by using simple shapes to build up his Cartoon Cupid. Cupid, the early Roman god of love in all its variabilities, is the counterpart of the Greek god Eros and the equal of Amor in Latin poetry.

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