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Women Like Pink Juicy Couture Tracksuit

Women Like Pink Juicy Couture Tracksuit

Women Wore Pink Juicy Couture Tracksuit


The pink juicy couture tracksuit fashion . All over the internet are claiming that the early 2000s celebrity. The wardrobe staple remains primed for an epic comeback. decided to test this philosophy by having seven editors wrap themselves in Juicy Couture velour for the day and report on their experiences. Here’s what happened:

Danielle, 23 – Pink Juicy Couture Tracksuit

Back in the day, we lived in my pink juicy couture tracksuit . When I was younger, my sister and I shared a closet, so we had one for each day of the week, and we would constantly borrow, mix, and match. But it’s been six years since I’ve worn one. It felt great to be reunited. “It was like coming home.”

I posted a photo of me wearing the pink juicy couture tracksuit on Instagram, and everyone in the comments asked, ‘Is this back?’ OMG! Love! Obsessed!’ Everyone was ecstatic! Then I got about ten texts from people asking if they were back in style and where they could get them because they loved their old pink juicy couture tracksuit so much.

It’s amusing because I believe everyone is afraid to adore them openly. ‘Haha, yeah, that’s funny, but I don’t want to wear one,’ everyone says.

 Carina, 22

“In the mid-aughts, I had a few Juicy sweatshirts, but never a full-on matching Pink Juicy Couture Tracksuit.” Back then, they were a status symbol, and my parents were not about to let me run around in a $200 pink juicy couture tracksuit .” So I felt like I should have been carrying a teacup chihuahua and a Frappuccino all day.”

Mylan, 27

“In high school, I never wore a pink juicy couture tracksuit . “My mother always stressed the importance of looking ‘put-together,’ so that was never something she would have tolerated.” ” That being said, OMG! It was the best comfortable thing I’ve ever worn. “It was incredibly soft!  The only drawback was that everyone stared at me the entire day.

Perhaps it was because I resembled the Pink Panther. Would they be considered office-appropriate if they made a comeback? If that’s the case, I’m considering getting a black one.”

Caitlin, 25

“I’d never worn a pink juicy couture tracksuit before.” At work, I felt very undressed. It made me appreciate getting ready for work in the morning and how much more confident I feel when I dress up. I was also paranoid about people staring at me. I don’t think anyone was judging me.

But when I went out for lunch, I had this nagging feeling that strangers were whispering behind my back, like, ‘Will you look at that  2002 is back.'” I think I was making a bigger deal out of it than was necessary. It’s nothing more than a fucking tracksuit. I’m hoping it returns. Mainly if it means more iconic pop culture moments like Amy Poehler’s Mean Girls.”

Maya, 22 – Pink Juicy Couture Tracksuit

“In middle school, my sister and I were obsessed with these.” Who wasn’t, after all? I remember begging my mother to take me to Nordstrom Rack one weekend so I could get a navy blue tracksuit with the word ‘JUICY’ in sparkly gold letters across the buttocks. I thought I looked too cute wearing it to school the next day.

“My friends and I remained convinced that our pink juicy couture tracksuit had attracted all of the boys to the yard.” Velour tracksuits aren’t my style anymore, but the material is still highly comfortable and serves as an excellent conversation starter. Everyone I spoke with wanted to reminisce about the times they wore them and how much fun they had.”


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