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Techo+ gujarat gov in Full Guide 2023

Techo+ gujarat gov in Full Guide 2023


Techo+ gujarat Health is always a vital factor in the growth of a developed country. Now as the technology as reached every area of our life our health can be enhanced by the technology. All thanks to Gujarat govt which has taken right step towards the betterment of health sector in their state the state is progressing in right direction.
Techo+ is an mhealth initiative of Health and Family welfare department of Gujarat which is launched in 2018. It helps in improving healthcare services in the state. In this article we will look keenly about the TECHO+ APP and also its journey for becoming a successful health app for their state.

Knowing about Techo+ app

Knowing about Techo+ app

The app Techo+ stands for “Tеchnology for Enhancing Community Health Opеrations Plus.” This app is user friendly that brings togеthеr information from diffеrеnt hеalth programs, such as thе National Hеalth Mission, thе Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana, and thе Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana in one place.This app breaks the gap between doctors and patients and makes a smooth connection and services for the patients

Journey of Techo+ app

It all started in 2009 by the launch of janani programme by the Gujarat govt and emamta in next consecutive years then after due to the successfulness of these apps they developed and introduced ImTeCHO in 2013 in Bharuch with partnership with smSEWA rural(NGO) and Argusoft India Ltd (Software Company) as these apps were successful they again launched a new app with fixing all the problems in the previous programmes and launched TeCHO+ on 8th oct 2017 by Hon.PM of India which became revolutionary in the health sector and gave immense health related information and advantage in the health sector.
Evaluation Of TeCHO+ over Conventional Method
1.Randamized trial done from 2016 to 2017 by SEWA Rural with the help of Government of Gujarath, ICMR and WHO.
2. There is an increase of 61% of postnatal care of new born babies through this app
3. In the cases of exclusive breast feeding there is a growth of around 51% and
4. Infant mortality rate drastically decreased by 16%.

Continuum of care using TeCHO+

Apart from the previous health tasks which were included in the app there are someother problems which are also included due to the efficiency of the app.
1. O-5 years- child regestration, immunization and nutrition cerebral palsy screening
2. 15-49 years- Eligible couple tracking,ANC/PNC services , Family planning services
3. >30 years- non communicable diseases screening – HTN , DM , CANCER ( Oral, Cervical, Breast )
4. >40 years- National program for control of blindness
It is a mobile phone application for point service data. The TeCHO+ app is an user friendly app which can be used by anyone in the state of Gujarat and it is very convinient and reliable and fast. The goal if to further improve maternal and child mortality along with under nutrition by improving performance of frontline health workers through mobile phone technology. This app gives Data entry by the person providing service at the time of service delivery at the place of service delivery.longitudinal,digital tracking of pregnant women and infants health services.activity planning along woth scheduling as a form of reminder to ANMs to plan for village health and nutrition day. Digital checklist is provided to ANMs/ASHAs to adhere to protocols for home visits.

Features of TeCHO+ app

1. Strengthening home based newborn and young child care
2. Users can track their healthcare and also check the development of their appointments.
3. Users can easily register themselves into the application and avail its numerous advantages of several health packages.
4. It allows users to schedule their appointment effortlessly with healthcare companies.
5. Users can shop and get their electronic data like medi…

Uses of TeCHO+ app over conventional method:

Logging into tе benefit you with some advantages:

Hassle free Health Access: Techo+ app makеs gеtting hеalthcarе easiеr, no more blocking of your health care access.

Easy and fast way of approach: It gеts you quick carе. No morе wasting your time in waiting rooms – book appointmеnts еasily in the app and you can track them in realtime.

Clеar and Honеst: It kееps things straight. All your health info is in onе placе, and thеrе’s a way to sort out problems, so you know what’s going on.

All the info at your fingertips: It got your health records in chеck. It mеans you gеt thе right info, making dеcisions about your health way еasiеr.

All your Hеalth Programes at your fingertips: This app helps keep tabs on hеalth programs. That way, thе govеrnmеnt can makе things bеttеr for еvеryonе based on what works. Easy, right?

Health data is completly available in public domain.

Improvements of TeCHO+ app done in the health sector

Full immunization

  • Sex ratio
  • IMR
  • MMR


TeCHO+ app is an successful investment for the future by Gujarat govt in the betterment of health related inssues in the state of Gujarat.This new approach of dealth health through technology and bridging the gap between doctors and patients is very commendable.this innovation should imspire by everyother state and should use it to help the health sector thus helping people and health systems.

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