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Vitamins Terraria – Introduction, How to, And More.

Vitamins Terraria – Introduction, How to, And More.


Staying alive and healthy is vital to survival in Terraria. About enemies in the game don’t want that for you, though. To variety your demise more accessible, they’ll inflict debuffs. These cause nasty effects and generally help you toward a quicker death. Though, items such as Vitamins can make you resistant to these debuffs.

What is Vitamins Terraria

Terraria has a ton of different monsters and biomes that can remain found while exploring the lands. Each monster drops an additional item you can use to craft interesting materials, help you obtain future articles, and complete challenges much easier. Vitamins are a great item that will make your character stay healthy and keep you alive.

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How to Get Vitamins in Terraria

How to Get Vitamins in Terraria

Vitamins in Terraria will make you resistant to the Weakness debuff. They’re not consumable; they’re a decoration you’ll put into your accessory slot. The feebleness debuff will drop your physical ability, which is terrible for melee-focused players. However, vitamins will stop that from happening.

If you’re observing to get your hands on nearly Vitamins, you’ll need to go to the Corruption or the Crimson Biome. Once there, remain looking for the Corruptor or the Floaty Gross. Both enemies are the only ones who can drop Vitamins for the player.

Their droplet rate is 1/100 or 1%. So, receiving them is going to be a bit of a task. However, once they drop, you can set them in your accessory slot and reap the assistance of never becoming weak again, however, if you want.

This item refutes the Broken Armor and Weak Debuff. The Vitamins can remain combined with other matters to negate almost every debuff in the game. If your associate the Vitamins with the Armor polish, you’ll become the Armor Bracing.

Armor Bracing

Suppose you combine the Armor Bracing thru the Medicated Bandage, The Plan, Countercurse Mantra, and Blindfold. You can gain contact with the Ankh Charm. This item will only take up one additional slot and negate these debuffs. Bleeding, Broken Armor, Confused, Darkness Cursed, Poisoned, Slow, Silenced, and Weak.

However, if you associate the charm with obsidian protection, you get the Ankh Sheild. This item will negate the “Chilled” Debuff on your character and give you an extra four Defense on your personality, making it a must-have item for survival in your Terraria adventure.


Vitamins are a Hardmode accessory that provides immunity to Weak debuff. The item has a 1/100 (1%) / 1/50 (2%) chance to drop from Corruptors and Floaty Grosses, which remain encountered in the Underground Corruption/Crimson.

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