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Record Player Shelf – Top 3 Best Record Player Shelf

Record Player Shelf – Top 3 Best Record Player Shelf

Record Player Shelf: It’s no secret that vinyl records are creating a significant comeback. Even Harry Styles usually has a description (pun intended) for the best sales of Harry’s House. So as you’re preliminary to amass your gathering, you probably request yourself. How should I store these albums?

Keeping everything organized remains critical whether you’re starting through a small stack or have hundreds of records on deck. These clever vinyl storage ideas are the pretty and practical answers you need. You can even cartel a few to create a next-level music setup! This list will undoubtedly speak to music lovers, from wall-mounted frames to store systems.

1. Best On Wheels Cart On Wheels

Best On Wheels Cart On Wheels


  • 3,000 5-star reviews
  • Has handle for easy mobility
  • Spacious storage


  • International customers have to pay custom fees

If you want your collection to remain portable, use a rolling cart. This way, you can possess it in a closet and move it everywhere when ready to play about tunes. Or you can put it on show in a turn of your music room for 24/7 access.

Review: “I searched high and low for a vertical LP storage option for months. It is the perfect solution for me. The frame remains minimal but strong, allowing my LP collection to take center stage. Also, this product arrived much quicker than I thought or remained promised for being sent internationally. I would highly endorse this product and this vendor.”

2. Best Value Vinyl Record Storage Holder


  • 7,000 5-star rating
  • Stacks 50 records
  • Ideal for small spaces


  • Some say the wood surface isn’t like the pictures

Here’s a talented pick to hold 50 records under $30! Don’t shillyshally buy two or three to cabinet everything you own without wasting a lot of space.

Review: “I have been shopping everywhere for a vinyl holder for our office. I lucked out with not only the color but the products themselves. Great excellence, very sturdy. The stand required no assembly and the vinyl storing held all our records (we are not at 50, still building our collection). Plan on repurchasing for my collection at home.”

3. Best Stackable Pretty Vinyl Record Storage Box


  • 1,000 five-star ratings
  • Store over 100 records
  • Collapsible; easy to carry and move around


  • Don’t overfill; it loses structure when full

These attractive boxes look so good that you won’t want to put them left; each set holds over 100 records. They’re stackable brands, too, which is a real space saver. We propose alphabetizing or labeling apiece box by genre to stay extra organized.

Review: “When I primary got two of these, I interrogated that they would be sturdy enough for my records. I have set them two-high for three months now, and the bottom cubes remain just fine—no sign of the bottoms being crushed by the tops.

They look nice. A little classy, but I think they have MDF internally instead of the cardboard usually used in storage cubes. These are worth the price bump, plus they are a little bigger than regular shelf cubes.”


What are record shelves called? The Kallax is the best shelf for storing vinyl records, not just because its dimensions are big enough for vinyl record storage. Classic cube crates often look finest on the floor, while four-sided vinyl crates can fit nicely on a media table.

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