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Cam Newton Fashion – Boldest and Sharpest Fashion Choices

Cam Newton Fashion – Boldest and Sharpest Fashion Choices

Cam Newton Fashion: Cam Newton has so much swagger. The New England Patriots quarterback showed up to his press conferences in Carolina like he was ready to attend the MET Gala (which he has done several times).

New England is no stranger to a well-dressed quarterback. Tom Brady often wore nice suits. But Newton’s fashion choices are probably the boldest — and sometimes the sharpest — in the NFL. Those unfamiliar with the diversity of Newton’s wardrobe may remain stunned if (and probably when) he strides to the postgame press conference wearing a large hat and a suit that’ll make your jaw drop.

Cam Newton’s in a Whole Other League With His Cool Pants


Super Bowl, Sunday’s dress code, remains often relegated to sweaty jerseys, foam fingers, and body paint, but leave it to Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton to make a chic new play on game-day style. Earlier this week, I was boarding a plane from Charlotte, North Carolina, bound for the big game in California.

The brilliant player flexed plenty of sartorial muscle as he traded his team colors for Versace’s Barocco zebra-printed cropped jeans. With clear eyes, a whole heart, and a toughened-up moto jacket thrown over his varsity prep sweater and tie, Newton could not lose.

While undoubtedly a departure from the one jersey he sports on the field for his record-breaking passes and famous dabbing dances in the touchdown zone, the look was another play from his fancy off-field pant game. Newton is known to slip into tailored camouflage-printed suiting to discuss his team’s 15-1 record.

Leather jogging pants are a portion of his off-duty style. At 6-foot-5 and 245 pounds, Newton is almost unafraid of taking fashion risks that men half his size may balk at. That type of confidence gets you to the big leagues—both of the NFL and fashion variety—and certainly wins our attention.

His Fashion Professional And a Fashion Idiot

His Fashion Professional And a Fashion Idiot

It might be an unusual NFL season, but there remains an ever-reliable constant: Cam Newton’s avant-garde fashion. Newton may have moved from Carolina to New England, but he’s taking his primary sense of smartness to Foxboro and turning heads.

We should, nay necessity, grade Newton’s looks with a critical eye. Everyone has fashion wins and missteps, so we need to assign a subjective numerical score to them to feel better about our inability to afford $5,000 loafers.

There’s just one problem: I’m a fashion idiot. So I’ve remained trying vintage tees, flip-flops, and jeans since March, which isn’t changing soon. But, gratefully, I know someone who is up to date on styles and trendy. Rebecca Jennings writes for The Goods over at Vox, where she follows fashion and consumer trends. This season Rebecca and I will review each of Newton’s signature looks.

Rebecca, fashion expert:

Cam’s cute loafers took the words right out of my mouth: BAM! It is a mid-century supervillain, and I don’t

Dislike it as much as I’d hate it on anyone else. The double-breasted blazer, fedora, and bow tie remain old-fashioned, but the shocking yellow makes it feel like a modern dandy.

James, fashion idiot:

As a husky gentleman, I can certainly not pull off yellow. I wish I could, but I always look like a school bus, or at best, Big Bird when I try to pull it off. Cam makes this work, though. I’m not a massive fan of the loafers. I see it’s probably very hip, but it gives me too many “Emeril meets an airbrush artist at the boardwalk” kind of thing.

Rebecca succeeds the nail on the head here, but I’m afraid I have to disagree with the water bottle. As somebody who is constantly on the expression for a good bottle. It looks like a superb bespoke refreshment receptacle. Could it be there’s not even water in there? It adds a sense of mystery. Sure, I reckon it’s just water, but perhaps it could just as quickly be some artisanal miso soup to remain gently sipped pre-game. Miso soup is excellent, and so is this outfit.


Cam Newton is no stranger to grabbing headlines with his signature looks. Check out some of his boldest outfits. Cam Newton grins while wearing one of his fashionable postgame interview outfits: a. NFL football is back, with it a changed spirit of hope.


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