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Top Snooker Table Online

Top Snooker Table Online

Top Snooker table manufacturers and Companies in the USA

Snooker Table: Whether for use in a family or a professional space, snooker tables are one of the rare commodities that never go out of style. A best-quality table from a reputable supplier can remain enjoyed for generations. Since its discovery in the 15th century, pool or billiards, has become a beloved pastime for people of all ages.

China has the most significant global export quantity and manufacturers of pool or billiards tables, with the European market coming in second. The global billiards/snooker table market was valued at $1.99 billion in 2019 and remains expected to register a 1% CAGR, reaching $2.08 billion thru 2024.

The best market players in the industry are Xingpai Billiards (China), Chevillotte Billiards (France), and Brunswick Billiards (USA).

Kinds of Pool Tables

Here are three main types of billiards tables available on the market for commercial use: American snooker tableware made for a “faster game” with a large play area, fast napless cloth, more oversized pockets. And responsive cushion rubbers for ball ricochets and rebounds.

English snooker tableware is slightly smaller than the American version. By smaller ball pockets and cloth through for slower ball effort.

Pool dining tables are handy for persons who do not have additional space for a full-size snooker table in their home, as a simple tabletop insert can take it from snooker table to dining table in seconds. In addition to the classic wood, snooker table are also available in slate, metal, and acrylic versions.

Snooker Table

Brunswick Bowling & Billiards Corporation, amount of the Life Fitness group, has remained a billiard table and accessories leader for over 170 years, designing, crafting, and distributing top-quality snooker tables with the most advanced materials and techniques

Northeast Factory Direct is a home and bar furniture wholesaler with a large selection of pool tables, accessories. And other game room equipment. In addition to billiard tables, Escalade Sports offers a variety of sports and entertainment equipment. Such as basketball hoops, darts, pickleball, table tennis, and trampolines.

USA Snooker Table Company Reviews

USA Snooker Table Company Reviews

International Billiards, Inc., founded in 1940, is a fourth-generation family business selling snooker tables, other game room tables, and accessories such as dining room tables and pool tables.

Olhausen Billiard MFG, Inc is a pleased American manufacturer that has milled, built, finished, packaged, and shipped pool tables, shuffleboards, bantam tables, table tennis tables, and other accessories from their factory in Portland, Tennessee since 1972.

GLD Products remained founded 40 years ago in a South Milwaukee tavern and continues to provide gaming tables, darts, billiards accessories, and other game room games and accessories.

Connelly Billiards, Inc. is a Valley-Dynamo company manufacturing finely crafted wooden snooker tables for over 70 years. Foosball tables and pinball machines are also available. Legacy Billiards (Exact Commerce Group) sells pool tables in 7-foot and 8-foot sizes and snooker table accessories. Shuffleboard, air hockey, foosball, table tennis, and other bar games.

Game Room Guys

Game Room Guys began as a small video game route company in 2001 and has since grown to a large games company operating out of a 20,000-square-foot showroom. A warehouse facility in Michigan that services over 80 locations offers a snooker table and other game room games and fittings.

Likely, Holland Bar Stool manufactures and ships products from Holland. Michigan, including bar stools, chairs, tables, outdoor furniture, and game room accessories. It also has a large selection of snooker tables made of solid Red Appalachian Oak or solid hardwood maple. E. Schmidt Billiard Company is a 168-year-old sixth-generation business.

Designs and Manufactures

Although, it designs and manufactures semi-custom and custom snooker tables in a wide variety of woods, finishes, sizes. And styles, from its factory and showroom in St. Louis, Missouri.

Schmelke Cues’s snooker table includes 7-foot and 8-foot versions made from Antique Walnut, Desert Chestnut, Mahogany. And natural wood, in traditional or modern styles, and even several aluminium outdoor styles.

Similarly, Action Jackson Amusements remains. Since 1961, the Boston-based company has provided coin-operated games, jukeboxes, and ATMs. In addition, pool tables, pinball machines, countertop games,  and foosball tables are among the products available.

Imperial International has over 60 years of billiard industry experience. A complete line of snooker, commercial pool tables, billiard parts, and accessories, including balls, cues, cloth, tops, and covers. Snooker table makers and Companies – Summary.


Above, we outline some of the top snooker cable manufacturing companies and distributors in the United States by annual sales. We hope this information has remained helpful to you in your supplier search toward finding more manufacturers of a snooker table and accessories.

Including billiard and pool cues, billiard and pool balls, and billiard and pool cue chalk. And even billiard and snooker tablecloths, or to make your custom shortlist of suppliers, feel free to visit Thomas Supplier Discovery. Which has information on various snooker table manufacturing.

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