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2000s Hip Hop Fashion Dominated The Global Scene

2000s Hip Hop Fashion Dominated The Global Scene


The hip-hop 2000s style took the world by gale at the beginning of the 21st century. Men and women from all over the world couldn’t get enough of wearing baggy pants with basketball shoes, not to mention all the unlike caps, sweatbands, and durags they’d cover their heads with. Those keen on knowledgement of what to wear to a 2000s party.

Defining Hip-hop Style: What Was 2000s Men’s Style?


The old-school hip-hop style we’ve come to recognize and love was at the elevation of its game between the 1990s and the 2000s. Pioneers would grow up on stage or release music videos dressed in baggy, large clothing — all while decked out in enormous golden chains and many different kinds of headwear. Ever since rap had entered the conventional, artists like P. Diddy, Snoop Dogg, and Kanye West played epic roles in popularizing their individual looks, defining an entire generation of hip-hop fashion.

In order to describe the hip hop style, it’s important to look at the different trends that were popular in the 2000s — as well as what began these trends to begin with. Most of the appealing carried over from rappers in the 1980s, and the 1990s is whole with jerseys and basketball shoes. Overall, it complete for a “tough” and “urban” look that was easy to change around and dance in.

Hip-hop 2000s Stylish Trends to Look Back On

Hip-hop 2000s Stylish Trends to Look Back On

When you reflect of old-school hip hop, you think of big expensive jewelry, swanky headgear, and big, loose pants with jerseys and sweatshirts. Rap is all about swagger and self-assurance. And that means putting on flashy and attention-grabbing clothes and display your wealth and status.

If you’re keen on cooking up 2000s clothes inspired by some of the hip hop greats like LL Cool J and Wu-Tang Clan, formerly look no further. Here are some of the record iconic hip-hop style trends to grace the community eye in the early 21st century.


Sweatbands are fit accessories beloved by many rappers. And they were a standout amidst many hip-hop 2000s style trends for their athletic look. These fittings came with the practical benefit of absorbing sweat. However, there’s no rejecting that they make for an active, sporty aesthetic that works exceptionally well with resemblance jerseys and basketball shoes.

For numerous hip-hop artists in the 2000s. Having a sign look that made one feel like part of the streets was essential. Sweatbands were a reliable way to achieve that. Fast Rappers like 50 Cent, P. Diddy, and Nelly ended it a point to rock sweatbands about their heads. And occasionally their wrists whenever they made appearances in public.

Tall Tees

So cheap you could buy several for a dollar, but functional and simple enough to go with basically anything, the tall tee was one of hip hop’s most visible trends in the 2000s. Sure, it was hit with controversy—mostly with people who saw the T-shirt as a sign of drug dealers and African American stereotypes come to life. Tall tees were banned in clubs, condemned in the press, and used as a tool to profile individuals. But at the end of the day, isn’t it just a t-shirt that’s four sizes too big?

Streaky Hair Highlights

Your sister’s favourite boy band had them. A friend had them. For a minute, you definitely considered adding some extra light into your hairstyle. Sure, in retrospect, the style looked obnoxious at best (and like a skunk at worst), but back in the early-aughts it was the way to look like you hair remain sun-kissed…whatever that means.


You’ve coated up on all the different 2000s hip-hop style trends. It’s time to agree if you’re content with just recalling. Feeling yearning over looks that have long since exited the public eye is one thing. It’s extra to try and go against the grain and take a look back. If you’re feeling bold, then up your fashion willing by rocking a bucket hat or another old-school trend.

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