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Flog Pants, and Its Brands

Flog Pants, and Its Brands

Flog Pants: These Bevies Flog Pants are comfortable and stylish and can be worn casually or dressily. You will appear tremendous and never want to take them off.

Bevy Flog Shely Pant – Navy Camo

Bevy Flog Shely Pant – Navy Camo

Likely, Bevy Flog is a red hot, new Los Angeles brand that recently earned a spot on EVERYONE’S radar. Also, Made of a Lycra Cotton blend, this pants line is perfect for travel, events and life’s day-to-day errands. Designed in LA. Manufactured in Israel.

Pull-on style with back pocket.

Although, Bevy Flog Dafna Original Jogger Black Stripes $198.95. Style Dafna With Belt Loop. Black Line Print. 98% cotton 2% Lycra.

Machine washable. Does not Wrinkle or Fade. 

Comfortable, Stylish, Very Flattering. Wear with or Without Belt. Although,  Wear with Sneakers, Sandals, Booties, and Heels. Wear it Casual or Smart for the Evening. Attempt them, and you will tell why these pants have been the #1 selling item in boutiques all around the U.S. By Bevy Flog

Bevy Flog | Easy Fitting Jogger Pants

Similarly, Bevvy Flog bright, stylish pull-on elastic waist pants that can remain worn out casual or dressy. These pants look great on most body types. Also, Imported from Israel, they are fashionable, comfortable, washable bottoms composed of 98% cotton and 2% Lycra. Also, You will love the look and feel. Shop our collection of Bevy Flog joggers now and receive free domestic shipping with your qualifying order.

Flog Pants Shely

These pants are fantastic! Shely style with snake print in black or white. This look includes a drawstring and pockets. Also, They are cotton/lycra blend stretch pull-on pants. Also, Comfortable, stylish, and highly flattering. Wear with sneakers, sandals, boots, or high heels. Wear them casually or dressily for an evening out.

  • Try them on, and you’ll understand why these pants are so popular!
  • 98% cotton, 2% lycra, machine washable, wrinkle and fade resistant.
  • Made in Israel

Flog Pants Shely Gold Beige

Similarly, We love these pants! Our newest color is this fabulous Beige/Gold. The Shely has a drawstring and pockets. They are stretch Cotton/ Lycra blend pull-on pants. Comfortable, Stylish, Very Flattering. Also, Wear with Sneakers, Sandals, Booties or Heels. Also, Wear them Casual or Dressy for Evening. Try them on, and you will see why these pants are a best seller! Also, 98% Cotton 2% Lycra, Machine washable, does not wrinkle or fade. Made in Israel.

Flog Nancy Trouser – White Original

Although, Similar to the best-selling pant in the Dafna style Flog, the Nansi has a flare! However, this style has no drawstring and welted (sewn) pockets. Also, Instead, they are stretch cotton/lycra blend pull-on pants with flared leg and belt loops. Comfortable, casual or dressy, stylish, you will look great and never want to take them off! It takes your style from day to night. We recommend sizing one size down from your denim size. Wash on cold and hang dry. 98% Cotton, 2% Lycra


Although, Bevy/Flog Pants. Made in Israel. Also, Now available in the U.S., comfortable and Stylish. It fits every size and shape. It can be worn casual or dressy. Also, Shop Bevy Flog Ronit, button fly pants are similar to their Dafna, with button fly details. A great new addition to our best-selling Bevy.

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