Vintage Halloween decor is a nostalgic style from the mid-20th century, featuring classic themes like witches, black cats, skeletons, ghosts, pumpkins, bats, and haunted houses. It features retro imagery from old postcards and illustrations from the 1920s to the 1950s, with warm autumnal hues and spooky designs. Paper decorations, candles, and lanterns are typical, drawing inspiration from Victorian and Gothic elements. Jack-o’-lanterns are iconic, and old-fashioned costumes, masks, and accessories are often used. DIY craft projects are also popular among vintage Halloween enthusiasts.

 Candelabras – Vintage Halloween Decor

Candelabras - Vintage Halloween Decor

The first day, we’re going to make a pair of candelabras using two of these chandeliers you can find in the party division of the dollar tree.

They carry these year-round in different colors, and after putting them both together, which is easy to do, I took aside two of these glass candle holders and sprayed painted them black.

I realized as I was filming this that I didn’t do that great of a job spray painting them, but I do go back and fix that before the final reveal.

Alright, so next, I put some hot glue on the top of each candle holder to attach the chandeliers. You want to ensure both are level and sitting straight up, and here’s how the candelabras turned out.

I just set one on top of one of the dollar tree’s Halloween books that are new this year, and this is such an easy way to give your home the haunted mansion look for only a few dollars.

Crystal Ball – Vintage Halloween Decor

Crystal Ball - Vintage Halloween Decor

We’re going to make a crystal ball, starting with this cat food dish I got from the dollar trees pet section. And I spray-painted it black, and you’ve probably already guessed it, but this is going to be the base for the crystal ball next, I’m going to use this snow globe from the dollar tree’s Christmas section.

And I’m going to fill it with fairy lights. Dollar Tree does have these, but they have a large battery pack that is pretty hard to hide, so I’m just going to use these amazon lights instead. Since you’re interested, you may also read this article: Orange Couch

Method To Prepare Crystal BallMethod To Prepare Crystal Ball

They have a small battery pack, and they work on a timer. And I’ll have it linked down in the description box below, and all you have to do is just put the lights inside the globe, make sure the battery pack is on the outside.

And then place the world on the base and hide the battery pack underneath the dish and here is the crystal ball I think this looks so fun and here’s how it looks in the dark, which is my favorite, and a fortune is already coming through, and it says many more days or in your future

I found this free printable I love to go along with the crystal ball. All I did was just place it inside a dollar tree frame, and here’s how it looks again, just another enjoyable decor piece, and here’s how it looks in the dark.

I’ll have links to all of the able printables I show in this video in the description box below. For the last fortune teller-themed day. I’ll be making some celestial candles using the ones I got from the dollar tree. I got these a few months ago.

Still, just last week, I saw the same candles with these new labels. But the labels don’t matter because we’ll just be removing them anyways. Goo gone is what I use to take them off, and they sell that at the dollar tree.

Printable Labels

I took these free printable labels and cut out the ones that I wanted to use. Although, and then using a glue stick, I applied a brand to the front of each candle. And I’ve been using a glue stick instead of mod podge these days, but feel free to use either.

And you guys, how high-end do these candles look? I could see them in urban outfitters or as part of a pottery barn’s Halloween decor. They always do a decent job, and I can’t wait to use these as part of my Halloween decor this year. So here’s a look at the crystal ball, the printable, and the candles.


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