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Hair Transplant In Turkey Cost Advantages And More

Hair Transplant In Turkey Cost Advantages And More

Hair Transplant In Turkey

For both men and women, hair has always been an important aspect of appearance. Depending on whether a person has thick or thin hair, this can have an impact on their confidence. Strong, healthy hair is now thought to be a key component in luring the interest of the other sex. Because of this, experiencing hair loss can lead to many psychological issues in addition to a decrease in self-confidence. This type of hair loss that can be treated is knewnown as androgenetic alopecia. Natural-looking hair transplants are now achievable because to scientific and technological improvements in microsurgical instruments over the past ten years.

Your general quality of life might be significantly impacted by experiencing hair loss. Even if your excessive hair loss is just the result of a bad genetic combination, it still affects your confidence, relationships, and mental well-being. After all, feeling and acting like yourself is challenging when you’re self-conscious about the way your hair looks.

Although balding cannot be stopped, you may be able to manage it and promote the growth of new hair by going to a hair transplant  in Turkey.

One of the most popular cosmetic procedures in Turkey these days may be hair transplantation. But can hair transplant In Turkey surgery really eliminate baldness permanently? Let’s investigate.

Turkey Hair Transplant Prices: Is The Risk Worth It?

Turkey is a well-liked location for hair transplants due to its inexpensive initial cost. In Turkey, there are some top-notch hair transplant facilities, but there are also a lot of unlicensed surgeons who perform hair transplants on the black market. With over 96% of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery members admitting that up to 25% of hair transplant repairs they did in 2022 were the result of prior black-market surgeries, these facilities have an infamously bad safety record.


Istanbul serves as the primary international tourism hub in Turkey and is home to Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) clinics. Turkish hair transplant research reveals:

In Istanbul, a hair transplant typically costs $1,840.

$1,050 was the lowest price that was offered, and $3,150 was the highest.

$0.69 was the average cost per graft.

Surgeons typically have twelve years of experience performing hair transplant procedures.

Should you require numerous grafts due to increasing hair loss, having your surgery performed in Turkey could significantly lower the cost of your transplant.

However, the large number of grafts mentioned increases the possibility of overharvesting, so you might want more donor hair in case you require other treatments down the road. Despite the cheap cost per graft, it is possible to receive a bid for more grafts than required, which would artificially increase the cost of your transplant.

Clear Pricing: Our Comprehensive Bundles

When it comes to pricing, we support openness. We customise our hair transplant solutions to fit your specific requirements. In order to meet diverse degrees of hair loss and desired results, we provide various packages and treatment choices.

Dr. Acar will evaluate your issue at your initial visit and provide you with an accurate estimate of the costs associated with the best course of action. You receive exactly what you see here: No surprises or extra costs.

Six Arguments for Choosing Cosmedica Expert Physician: A highly esteemed and reputable medical aesthetician with over sixteen years of experience and twenty thousand scheduled procedures

Certified Cosmedica: Dr. Acar’s status has been recognised for its service and organic outcomes by prominent health and hair restoration organisations.

Latest Techniques

The most cutting-edge and effective techniques are created and applied, with a minimally invasive approach to DHI Sapphire treatments and the FUE technique.

Fantastic Outcomes

The significance of Cosmedica’s procedures lies in their extraordinarily high success rates and flawlessly natural outcomes.

Support Following Care

Speaking several different languages, Cosmedica’s aftercare staff will assist you for a full year until the desired outcome is reached.

Cutting Edge Clinic

Our clinic has the most up-to-date, cutting-edge equipment and contemporary amenities to improve patient comfort and guarantee the success of hair transplant surgeries.

Comprehensive Bundles

In order to optimise your experience, we offer comprehensive, all-inclusive packages. Our all-inclusive hair transplant package costs take care of everything, from your initial consultation to your post-operative recovery, giving you total peace of mind. This covers the actual procedure, local anaesthetic, prescription drugs, lodging, transportation, and a committed team of support staff to help you during your stay.

Competitive Prices

Turkey has emerged as a top hair transplant destination thanks to its reasonably priced, top-notch procedures. We take pleasure in providing affordable costs without sacrificing the standard of our work or the outcomes. By working with us, you may get the greatest results for your hair restoration journey while also taking advantage of affordable procedures.


How Long Do You Get Benefits From A Hair Transplant?

Most individuals notice changes six to twelve months following hair transplant surgery.

Why Haven’t I Seen Any Benefits From My Hair Transplant After Six Months?

Give it a little more time, please. Numerous factors affect hair development, and some people must just wait longer than others.

What Is The Hair Transplant Success Rate?

Since a hair transplant’s success percentage is impacted by numerous variables, an exact figure cannot be provided. Still, it’s reasonable to estimate that at least 90% of the transplanted hair grafts will live on average. This figure is 100% possible.

In A Single Session, How Many Grafts Can Be Transplanted?

Up to 3500 grafts can be removed in a single session (one day).

Do You Provide A Hair Transplanting Guarantee?

We monitor the outcome’s development and guarantee that you will receive the intended outcome.

I Need How Many Grafts?

The most crucial part of any hair transplant process is estimating the number of hair transplants required. Your surgeon will thoroughly assess your hair loss during the consultation and determine the appropriate number of grafts needed for the course of treatment. The severity of your illness will control how many grafts you require. Less severe cases of frontal hair loss might only need 2,500 grafts, but more severe cases might need 3,000 transplants.

For An Entire Head Of Hair, How Many Grafts Are Required?

You will require a hair transplant procedure to implant hair throughout your entire head if you are completely bald. You will require four to six thousand grafts for a full head transplant. Keep in mind that hair quality varies, therefore 4,000 grafts should be plenty if the hair in your donor location is of a high quality. However, your surgeon might remove 5,000 or 6,000 grafts for the procedure if the hair in your donor area is of poor quality.

Nevertheless, the precise quantity of grafts removed will vary according on some other variables, even with this approximation. For example, in order to prevent damage and baldness at the donor site, your surgeon must carefully remove only the appropriate amount of hair.


Hair transplants can restore your natural hair appearance and be a permanent cure to hair loss if they are done correctly. You’ll start to see fresh hair growth in a few months, and there won’t be any obvious scars to indicate that you’ve ever had the procedure.

Turkey is a great place for hair transplant surgery since you may get superior hair restoration procedures at considerably lower costs there than in the US, at facilities like Smile Hair Clinic.

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