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How to Give Your Clients the Old Money Hair Look?

How to Give Your Clients the Old Money Hair Look?

There’s a certain elegance associated with the “old money hair” look. It’s not just a style — it’s a symbol of timeless beauty, effortless style and sophistication. The allure of this look is not limited to a specific social class, though. With the right approach and professional expertise, anyone can embrace the old money aesthetic, regardless of hair type or color. In this guide, we’ll unlock the secrets of achieving this timeless look for your clients using high-quality hair supplies and professional hair care products. Let’s dive in!

Understanding the Old Money Hair Aesthetic

The core principles of old money hair are simple: natural-looking color, healthy, conditioned hair and a classic, polished style. It’s a world away from trendy, high-maintenance looks. Instead, it focuses on understated beauty and a timeless quality that transcends passing fads. This aesthetic has its roots in effortless sophistication that prioritizes quality over ostentation.

Building the Foundation for Old Money Hair: The Consultation

The first step to achieving the old money hair look is not just flipping through a magazine and pointing at a picture. It’s about establishing a foundation of trust and understanding between you and your client. A thorough consultation is the cornerstone of this process and allows you to not only understand their desired look but also assess the unique canvas you’ll be working with — their hair.

Hair Analysis 101

During the consultation, a meticulous hair analysis is crucial. This analysis involves a multi-pronged approach and considers three key factors:

  • Texture: Is their hair fine, medium or coarse? Heavy layers can easily weigh fine hair down, while coarse hair might crave them for added volume. Understanding texture helps you tailor the cut and styling techniques to suit the client’s hair type.
  • Density: Is their hair thin, thick or somewhere in between? This factor plays a role in volume and how well the hair holds color and style. Knowing the density lets you choose styling techniques that enhance the client’s natural hair volume and recommend products that address any thinning concerns.
  • Current Color: What is the client’s current hair color — natural or colored? Is there any existing color buildup or brassiness? Analyzing the current color helps you determine the best approach for achieving a natural-looking base in the old money aesthetic. For some, it might involve subtle highlights with the use of a hair lightener to add dimension, while others might benefit from a richer brunette shade for a more luxurious feel.

Hair Look

Addressing Hair Health

It’s also essential to assess the overall health of the client’s hair. Are there signs of damage from previous chemical processing or heat styling? Being transparent about potential limitations is key. For example, if the hair is heavily damaged, there might be better courses of action than lightening. Instead, suggest alternative solutions like deep conditioning treatments to restore the hair’s health before proceeding with any color or styling techniques. This protects the client’s hair and ensures long-lasting results for the desired old money aesthetic.

Building Trust and Collaboration

The consultation isn’t just about you dictating what needs to be done. It’s a collaborative effort. Listen to your client’s desires, understand their lifestyle and explain realistic expectations. Perhaps they have a picture of a celebrity with old money hair, but their hair texture is vastly different. Explain how you can achieve a similar look that flatters their unique features and hair type, but make them aware that their hair type won’t allow them to achieve an identical look. By building trust and open communication early on, you’ll be well on your way to giving your client beautiful, healthy hair that embodies the old money aesthetic while managing their expectations.

Achieving the Perfect Base Color

Hair lightening techniques like balayage or ombre are fantastic tools for blonde or brunette clients seeking a touch of dimension. However, the key is maintaining a natural look. Harsh chemical processing is a no-go in the world of old money hair. Instead, focus on subtle color enhancements that add depth and richness. Professional hair color products allow you to achieve multi-tonal hues that flatter the client’s skin tone. Corrective color techniques can create a clean canvas for the desired base color for clients with unwanted brassiness or color buildup.

Hair Look - perfect base color

Creating Dimension and Shine

Adding subtle dimension is the key to achieving the natural volume and movement that defines the old money aesthetic. For blondes, lowlights add depth, while strategically placed highlights provide brightness. Brunettes can benefit from similar techniques, with subtle lowlights creating a richer base and strategically placed highlights framing the face or adding dimension to the ends. The key is ensuring a seamless blend, avoiding harsh lines or a blocky appearance. Professional hair care products like glosses and hair masks elevate the look by adding shine and enhancing the hair’s natural texture.

Hairstyles for the Old Money Aesthetic

The old money aesthetic embraces classic hairstyles that are both elegant and versatile. Long, layered waves with a subtle bend create a timeless, feminine look. The polished lob (long bob) is another popular choice, offering a chic and sophisticated option with sleek ends. The elegant chignon is a perfect updo for a more formal occasion, showcasing the hair’s health and shine. And, of course, the timeless blowout with volume and bounce remains a favorite for its versatility and effortless appeal.

As a stylist, you can adapt these core styles to suit various hair lengths and textures. For example, fine hair might benefit from shorter bobs or textured waves, while thick hair can handle more dramatic layers or voluminous curls. Styling techniques that promote long-lasting hold and a polished finish are essential, such as using hot rollers or setting lotion to achieve that signature bounce and wave.

Maintaining the Old Money Look

Maintaining the old money hair look requires a dedicated hair care routine. Recommend a personalized regimen using professional hair products that address your clients’ specific hair needs. This might include hydrating shampoos and conditioners for dry hair, color-protecting products for treated hair or heat protectants for those who frequently use styling tools. Regular trims are the key to preventing split ends and maintaining healthy hair. Remember to offer tips for achieving their desired style at home to empower clients to recreate their new looks between salon visits.

Wrapping Up

The old money hair look is all about timeless elegance and effortless sophistication. By prioritizing healthy hair, natural-looking color and classic styles, you can help your clients achieve this coveted aesthetic. With the right approach, anyone can embrace the confidence and beauty of old money hair.


How to Give Your Clients the Old Money Hair Look?

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