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Lakeshore Sport and Fitness – Membership, Cost, And More.

Lakeshore Sport and Fitness – Membership, Cost, And More.

Lakeshore Sport and Fitness: “Lakeshore Sport & Fitness is Chicago’s one destination for fitness, sport, and fun. We are a varied community of like-minded people who participate in instructional, and social. And competitive sporting activities; and seek to improve and enhance our quality of life through wellness. The LakeshoreSF campus sits over 3.5 acres in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. We offer more than 185,000 square feet of indoor/outdoor sport and fitness space, with extensive programming for the entire family.”

Lakeshore Sport and Fitness Cost

Lakeshore Sport and Fitness Cost

Recognized in 1970, the Lakeshore Sport and Fitness, previously known as the Lakeshore Athletic Club, has two locations in the Chicago, Illinois area, each state-of-the-art offering facilities, programs, lessons, and equipment.

Similarly, Taken over by new proprietors in 2010, the new ownership team has slowly transformed the club’s programs and facilities.

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How much do a Lakeshore Sport and Fitness membership cost?

The club’s official website,, doesn’t note the exact prices; instead, they state they have three membership levels, each with its inclusions and pricing structure. While the club didn’t offer the valuing, they asked that you fill out the simple contact information to have a gym representative contact you.

While the gym didn’t list the membership options’ prices, we found a few members on the gym’s Yelp page claiming the expenses they paid. According to the costs noted, it seemed a membership could range anywhere from $80 for a scholar to as much as $250+ a month for a domestic membership.

The deal wasn’t lively at the time of this publishing, but this Groupon contract page did note a one-month membership had $120 a month worth, whereas the family one-month association had a $234 value.

Chicago Journal, in its “Best Gyms Over $80 a Month,” the price averaged $136 a month, with a one-time $199 initiation fee.

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Additional costs to consider

Parking passes

The club proposes two-hour parking passes at the Illinois Center for $6, $9 for three hours, and $12 for eight-hour parking at the nearby Millennium Garage.

Childcare services

The FAQ states drop-in daycare is $10 per two-hour visit or $55 per month for unlimited passes.

Guest fees

As per the company’s FAQ page, the guest fees are $17.50 for members or $35 for non-members, with some local hotel chains offering discounts.

Storage lockers

Base members can upgrade to a kit storeroom for $25.

Bike storage – Bike storage can remain added to a Base member plan for an additional $35 per month.

Golf simulator

Golf simulator

A $35 per hour rental fee applies to Base members.

Lakeshore Sport and Fitness membership options (Illinois Center)

Base –Cheapest option offers unlimited access to the Illinois Center and a complimentary fitness assessment and training session.

Executive – The middle-tiered option, the Executive membership includes all of the Base membership options. Plus access to the Executive locker room. A private locker, the bike storage area. And the complimentary use of the climbing wall golf simulator and squash courts.

VIP – The highest tiered option, the VIP membership includes all of the Executive membership options. Plus access to the VIP locker room. Which remains equipped with a sauna and whirlpool, a full private locker, laundry service. And additional premium VIP locker room benefits.

Lakeshore Sport and Fitness membership options (Lincoln Park)

Young Adult (18-29 years old)

Individual (30+ years old)

Single Parent (One parent with at least one child)

Couple (Husband/wife or domestic partnership)


Student Flex (college students)


If you like having excuses, you might Never prefer time Fitness, which only opens its single Barrow, Alaska, location during solar eclipses. However, if pursuing a healthy lifestyle and being physically capable of carrying Model-T Fords uphill is essential to you or your whole family. The Lakeshore Athletic Club offers a wide range of fitness amenities to get your squad into shape and ensure victory at this year’s potato-sack relay race.

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