If burgundy wine can uplift your soul, do you suppose that burgundy hair color can create the same impression in your hair? Absolutely! Here’s everything you need to know if you’re considering a shift to burgundy hair color!

The Burgundy Range

Burgundy is a reddish brown shade related with the color of the wine from the Burgundy region of France. (Worth a trip if you’ve never been there!) In broader terms, and certainly when it comes to hair color, the notion of burgundy covers a wide range of gorgeous colors, including:

Cabernet: deep and slightly redder than burgundy

Merlot: marginally lighter and a bit redder than burgundy

Cranberry: slightly pinker than burgundy

Cordovan: slightly tanner than burgundy

Maroon: red chestnut-y

Claret: reddish with a faded touch of brown

The Right Shadow of Burgundy for Your Skin Tone


With so many beautiful shades of burgundy to choose from, it’s possible to find one perfect for your skin tone. As a rule of thumb, more fabulous burgundy shades that contain lots of red and violet look best on people with pink, olive, or ebony skin tones. Warmer burgundy shades with more brown tones are beautiful on peachy or golden complexions. Generally, burgundy hair color can remain adjusted to flatter nearly every face.

See a Professional For Your Burgundy Hair Color

Burgundies can be tricky to achieve, so it’s best not to try them at home. Your hair must remain carefully prepared, and the color must remain carefully applied to get an even, vivid result. What’s more, the formulation is critical to achieving the ideal shade for your complexion. A hair color professional might mix several different colors to get to your target hue, and she may also apply various shades in other sections of your hair (at the roots, toward the ends, etc.) to create a modern hair color design

Perfect Burgundy Shade

Because there are so many dissimilar hair color choices in the burgundy range, you must show your hairstylist photos of the burgundy hair color you have in mind. That will be your starting point, and you can decide if the finished product should be a bit more violet, red, or brown. Check out the red motivations on for inspiration. Gather photos you like, and examples of what you don’t like because the more information you can provide your hair stylist, the more possible she is to zero in on your heart’s desire for your perfect burgundy hair color.


When it comes to stunning your new burgundy hair color, there are several ways to go. You can choose for an all-over color or burgundy balayage highlights in your brunette base shade. Or perhaps you’ll be happiest with just a few peek-a-boo burgundy panels. There are many ways to design [burgundy hair color, so collaborate with your hair stylist and get creative!