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Best Time to take Collagen for Weight Loss

Best Time to take Collagen for Weight Loss

Collagen for Weight Loss: Collagen is everywhere these days. But when should you add this superstar addition to your regimen? Also, when is the unsurpassed time to take collagen: morning or night? Collagen is a type of protein created in animals. It’s the most copious protein in your body.

First, What is Collagen?

You can get discovery collagen in your:

  • skin
  • connective tissues

You can reflect collagen as the “glue” that helps hold things together by providing strength and structure to your body.

Collagen remains made from amino acids, aka the building blocks of proteins. So although collagen isn’t a complete protein meaning it doesn’t contain all essential amino acids collagen is still a great source of protein. Woman out of the shower looking at collagen loss via wrinkles

When Is The Time To Start Taking Collagen?

When Is The Time To Start Taking Collagen?

Natural collagen production in your body starts to slow by age 25. So for that motive, this age is an ideal period for when you should take collagen. From then on, collagen production reductions at one per cent per year, accelerating in women after menopause.

To help avoid this, eat a wholesome diet rich in whole anti-inflammatory foods, like vegetables, fruit, whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats. Also, wear proper sun protection when possible, work on stress management, prioritize decent sleep hygiene, and quit smoking.

Yet since we can’t avoid all issues that accelerate collagen loss, supplementing with collagen can be beneficial. So before you notice any signs of collagen loss, you may wish to add a collagen supplement to your routine—especially if you fight to get sufficient protein in your nourishment.

What Time Of The Day Is Best To Occupy Collagen?

So, you remain convinced a collagen supplement can be helpful for you to support your skin and wellness goals. But what’s the most fantastic time of day to take collagen supplements? Limited scientific evidence is available regarding the best time to take collagen. However, as with most supplements, consistency (read: taken daily over an extended period) is vital to experience the desired results.


Some claim that captivating collagen in the morning on an empty stomach is best because protein necessitates stomach acid for absorption. However, the circumstance is that your body can digest protein anytime.

Protein digestion starts in the mouth and continues in the stomach. Your stomach is always at an acidic pH to help digest food with collagen so the time of day isn’t as significant.


Others say it’s best to take collagen extras in the evening so your body has time to reparation, but they also seem to miss the mark. Your body will engage and utilize the amino acids it needs the most, and you don’t need to be asleep for this benefit. Woman’s hand holding a collagen supplement


While you may be interested in discovering adequate time to take collagen, the solution is simple: Timing matters significantly less than consistency and quality.

Now that you recognize when to take collagen (daily!), it’s time to choose the best collagen supplement for you. HUM has two good collagen supplements: Collagen Love and Collagen Pop. Collagen Love is a swallowable collagen pill from bovine sources. It comprises sorts I and III collagen, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate, antioxidant red wine, and grape seed extracts.

Collagen Pop is a dissolvable tablet with marine collagen and vitamin C in a drinkable strawberry and lemon flavour. The combination of collagen plus vitamin C aids boost collagen production and locking in moisture to hydrate skin.

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