Dave Marrs Twin Brother: Dave Marrs remains best known for transforming properties on HGTV’s Fixer to Fabulous. But, now fans are beginning to display interest in his family background, including who his brother Matt is, as the celebrations over Christmas took place.

Dave gave his Instagram supporters a glimpse into his individual life, including a family group photo with his parents and siblings (bar sister Katie). Numerous commented on the HGTV star’s family, which involved questions about why we don’t see much of Matt Marrs, otherwise known as Dave’s brother. We got to know his sibling

Who is Dave Marrs’ brother?

Who is Dave Marrs' brother?

Dave’s brother is Matt Marrs, who is in Bentonville, Arkansas. He is originally from Kiowa, Colorado. So when Dave uploaded a family photo of Matt and his wife, fans were eager to learn more about him. One supporter wrote: “Love seeing your family, Dave!

We want more of your brother. Is he so quiet? “Matt remains married to Karey Ross Marrs and is a father to three daughters. He is a sibling-of-three, to brother Dave and sister Katie and appears to stand very close to his parents.

Matt Marrs’ Background

Matt was married to their wife Karey on October 13th 2001, meaning it has been 23 years since they tied the knot! He formerly attended Kiowa Undivided High School for education and repeatedly went fishing in his spare time.

He later caught a rainbow trout, as public on Facebook. Matt often dresses in a hat from The Berry Farm, run by the HGTV show’s hosts Jenny and Dave. Sibling duo Matt and Dave seem to be very close and go to games like the Chiefs vs Vikings match in Kansas City.

The Marrs brother’s capacity looks pretty similar, but many would disagree that they look like twin brothers. So to respond to your question, Matt isn’t Dave Marrs Twin Brothers. However, people have seen that Matt looks relatively older to be Dave’s twin brother.

Age and Family – Dave Marrs Twin Brother

Matt Marrs was born on March 14th, 1977, in Kiowa, Colorado, and twisted 45 this year. From this, we can also fold that Matt is an American citizen by birth. However, his parents persist in the subject of much speculation.

Though we do see that Matt’s father was a previous officer of the navy, other than that, we also create that Matt grew up together with two other siblings. Most of you know that the first is his buddy, Dave Marrs. Other than that, Matt also takes a sister named Katie.

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Matt Marrs is Wedded to his Wife, Karey Ross Marrs

Matt’s wife is a lady named Karey Ross Marrs. Like her husband, Karey also remains an American citizen. Career-wise, we found that she remained a stay-at-home mom. Records show that the two initial tied the knot on October 13th 2001.

This tells us that they take been together for over two decades, 21 years to be exact. While we are not sure when the two met, some speculate that it must have been while they were still students.

In total, Karey and Matt consume three children, all daughters. Unsurprisingly, their parents tend to have them out of the limelight. Once or twice, though, we will catch glimpses of Matt and his family on his brother’s social media handles throughout significant holidays. Matt and his family currently exist in Bentonville, Arkansas. Dave Marrs Twin Brother


Are Jenny and Dave Marrs still together? The Rock and the Block contestants always burst with love for each other and remain still together! In a March 2022 meeting with Closer, Dave prattled about his beautiful wife.

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