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Dying Half Pink Half Black Hair

Dying Half Pink Half Black Hair

Half Pink Half Black Hair: I am just going to talk loud. I’m going to be dyeing my hair half baby pink and half black just because I need something new and exciting in my life to start us off, so I need to. I don’t usually bleach my hair, and if you want to see

How to get a Hair Color


How to get a hair color without using bleach? I’ll annotate a video that I did previously right here. I have a lot of built-up paint in your fear I could dive over and over color, so I’m going to bleach my hair for once.

The products I am using will be this salon care flash blue lightning-like bleach powder, which is super good. The blue stuff always works better, and then

The developer from salon Ken goes with it, and I’m using it because this is a dark-ass color house top that I don’t want to use. After all, I don’t just fry them out of your hair before mixing it.

So I’m just going to section my hair in half, so I’m only going to bleach one half since the other half is going black, and I will do and makes this, and I mix equal parts of each powder and developer.

Because I realized halfway through, I was like, oh, I never actually shampooed my hair after I died there, which is terrible.

I will be able to bleach out hair that, like judgment died and I had can’t put it so I mean I took it out and I’m going to have to bleach it again, but while this is drying since It doesn’t want to blow-dry it I’m just going to do this I am a head black

Half Pink Half Black Hair

Half Pink Half Black Hair

I have from ion color brilliance this is a black permanent hair dye and in my experience permanent hair dye and to be proven black hair dye are equally as challenging to get out endless looks better.

So you might as well use the permanent eye, mixing that with the developer, and then I’m going to put that on my hair. It should happen fast.

Okay, well, sometimes you must embrace the email from those times because I’m not about to take this off and get back in the shower. Um yeah, so as you can see, my hair kind of bleach

Deep Conditioner

To the color that I want in it, but it’s patchy and like kind of angry like it’s fried, so I’m going to cut it and diet, so I’m going to be using manic panics hot pink and then this excellent like deep conditioner.

I don’t even know I talked about it, but I’m going to be like diluting it with that you should do something cheap put my hair this so I’m using something nice yeah so I’m going to mix that and put it in, and we’ll see.

What happens, you okay, so this is a finished product. I like it. It’s all pink on this side and all black on this side. It was a lot of work, but I like cut turnout.

The back looks like a dragon, but it’s straight. I did a terrible job doing it, and I know I need a huge deal on all my social media about not ordering extensions, but I tried that for a little.

While. I ordered another pair so that I might be wearing your extensions. I am I, not I like it this length, but I’m just so used to it it’s tough not to wear them out.


Half Pink Half Black Hair. This half black half Pink wig remains made of 100% high-quality matte synthetic high-temperature fiber, which is very suitable for long-term use.

The split dye style is a great way to show off your color. The hair existence split defines it.

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