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Planet Fitness Columbus Ohio – Exercise Gym And More

Planet Fitness Columbus Ohio – Exercise Gym And More

Planet Fitness Columbus Ohio: We strive to make the gym where everyone feels accepted and respected. That’s why, at Planet Fitness Worthington, OH, we make every effort to keep our facility clean and welcoming, our staff friendly, and our certified trainers ready to assist. So whether you’re a first-time gym goer or a seasoned fitness pro, you’ll always feel at ease in our Judgement Free Zone.

Your neighborhood gym in Columbus, OH (Indianola Ave.). You are starting at $10 per month. Take advantage of free fitness training, flexible hours, and a clean environment. Monthly gym memberships in Columbus, OH, start at $10. No commitment options are available, the environment is clean, and the team members are friendly and helpful.

If you struggle to discovery time in your day to exercise, you’re not alone, not by yourself. While your family, schoolwork, and career should always be your top priorities, maintaining your health and well-being is equally important. Fortunately, even the busiest schedules can accommodate a little bit of exercise.

Do you struggle to find time to exercise while also juggling a full schedule? Now are five ideas to help you find time to go to the gym. Planet Fitness Columbus Ohio

1. Exercise in the Morning

Exercise in the Morning


Scheduling workouts in the Morning before the demands of the day pile up is one of the greatest ways to find time for exercise. You can enjoy a stress-free activity in a quiet setting while the rest of the world sleeps.

Gyms are less crowded between 5-6 and 7-8 a.m., according to Fitbit data. As a result, you’ll feel accomplished and ready to face the day after completing your morning workout. You won’t have a movement hanging over your head, be concerned about finding time to exercise or have it thrown out when something comes up. Furthermore, one study found that those who exercise first thing in the Morning have lower blood pressure and better sleep than those who wait until later in the day.

2. Keep in Mind that Something is Better than Nothing.

A good workout does not require an hour; even a ten-minute movement is preferable to ten minutes on the couch. When I’m short on time, I remind myself that doing something is preferable to doing nothing. If you only have 20 minutes to extra, don’t use it as an excuse to skip your workout. To develop the best “bang for your buck,” go to the gym and do a high-intensity speed session.

Fifteen minutes of full-body exercises such as burpees, mountain climbers, and squat jumps will leave you feeling as if you worked out for an hour — in a quarter of the time. Furthermore, according to the American College of Sports Medicine, high-intensity exercises can help you burn up to 15% more calories than low-intensity workouts!

3. Select a Convenient Gym


Transit time and short gym hours can add extra time to your schedule. Find a gym that is convenient for you and fits your schedule. As a Planet Fitness member, you’ll have extended access to the facilities (some locations are open 24/7! ), making it easier to fit in a workout. Find a location near you to save time in traffic.

4. Plan Ahead of Time – Planet Fitness Columbus Ohio

Plan some time-saving strategies into your day to make it easier to get out the door. Pack your gym bag, for example, the night before your morning workout so you can roll out of bed and get ready in minutes. To save time changing, wear a sports bra underneath your work clothes! Make a batch of pre- and post-workout snacks on a Sunday so you can grab them on the go. Finally, ensure you have at least five different workout outfits ready at the start of the week to avoid missing a workout due to dirty laundry.

5. Be Aware Of Your Routine

Just as you should never go to the grocery store without a list, you should never go out without one. Go to the gym without a workout planned! Make a workout plan before going to the gym so you can start immediately. To save time rounding up equipment or walking to multiple gym sections, be strategic about the type and order of exercises you choose. One day, for example, plan a workout that includes only free weights. Then, create an activity that focuses on machines later in the week.


Planet Fitness “If you’ve seen the movie “Dodgeball,” it will make perfect sense to you when I say that the Clintonville Planet Fitness. Planet Fitness at POLARIS – Columbus, OH’s premier destination for entertainment and recreation.

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